VE Pass Kiosk

Small footprint, designed for maximum market flexibility.

Why VE Pass?

Taking advantage of the growing micromarket trend is easy with the VE Pass. Just like a vending machine, it's easy to manage through your Vend Management System (VMS). Self-checkout is in a closed environment with coolers, freezers, vending machines, and shelves. Consumers walk up, scan their snacks, and buy from an interactive kiosk, saving time.

Your Kiosk, Your Way

The flexible FMS platform can connect to the VMS and WMS of your choice.

Select the payment methods that are ideal for your customers demands and business needs.

Market Flexibility

The footprint of the VE Pass™ makes it perfect for tight spaces or as an aux unit in markets that want to streamline checkout.

Single-Point Management

Control your micromarkets with your VMS.
Compatible with VendSys™, Cantaloupe™, and Streamware™

Promote Loyalty

Recognize, reward and delight customers that visit your micro market the most.

Real-Time Customer Support

We’re just a phone call away with expert knowledge and remote login capabilities.