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Coin Machine

Experiencing difficulties with a faulty coin mech or bill acceptor in your machine? Benefit from the expert assistance of our ERD (Electronic Repair Department). Our specialists are adept at repairing a range of electronic devices including coin mechs, bill acceptors, and credit card readers. Trust our seasoned team to restore your electronic equipment to its optimal condition, all covered by our robust 6 or 12-month warranty. With our professional electronic repair services, you can have peace of mind knowing your machines are in safe hands.


 6Mo Warranty* $29.95 + Parts

12Mo Warranty* $33.95 + Parts

  • MC5XXX Series Coin Machine
  • TRC-6XXX Coin Machine
  • VN 4XXX Coin Machine
  • 7XXX Coin Machine
  • CCM5 Series Coin Machine
  • MCM Coin Machine
  • US Coin Machine
  • USL Coin Changer
  • USLX Coin Changer
  • C2 Series Coin Changers
  • MC5XXX Series Coin Changer
  • TRC-6XXX Coin Changer
  • VN 4XXX Coin Changer
  • 7XXX Coin Changer

Vending Machine Coin Mechanism Repair

A broken coin mechanism or bill acceptor can be a problem when it comes to keeping your vending machine running right. One of the most common causes for a vending machine coin mechanism to stop working properly is dirt, dust, and debris. When a coin mech becomes dirty, it can impede the progress of coins moving through the system and dirt can clog the mechanism, causing it to become sticky. Sometimes, with proper care and cleaning, you can refresh your machine’s coin mech and get it working properly again, but not always. If the mechanism becomes damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, VE Solutions can take care of that for you and get your vending machine back up and running quickly. If your coin mech is simply worn out or outdated, we can provide you with a modern, up to date coin mech for your machine to bring it up to today’s operating standards.

How the process works

When dealing with a faulty coin mechanism, simply reach out to VE Solutions for our professional repair services. Our dedicated customer support team will guide you through the process seamlessly. All you need to do is send in the problematic coin mechanism, and our Electronic Repair Department (ERD) will handle the repairs, ensuring the mechanism is returned in prime condition.

At VE Solutions, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer support. Trust our expert Electronic Repair Department to repair not just your coin mechanisms but also bill acceptors, credit card readers, and other electronic devices. Our competent team guarantees a fully repaired mechanism, backed by our reliable 6 or 12-month warranty plan. With VE Solutions, rest assured your vending machines are in capable hands.