Venture Touchscreen

Fully interactive 8” touchscreen.
Vend with a digital keypad.
Increase sales with a shopping cart.

Why Venture touchscreen?

Incorporating the UCB and an 8-inch touchscreen, the VENTURE TOUCHSCREEN offers two-tier pricing, a shopping cart, along with sound and video advertising to provide a modern, interactive shopping experience. Our nutritional database (internet connection required) displays nutritional values. We offer connectivity options and integrate with FMS for seamless and secure payments.

Available on all Revision and Curve door machines along with BevMax and Merchant panels.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart function limits multiple transactions, saving you money.

Integrated UCB™

Compatible with Vend Management Systems, Universal Control Boards enable cashless payments.

Venture Touchscreen

Our database contains over 12,000 products with images and complete nutritional information.

Ads & Promotions

Promote products and bundles on-screen.
Display third-party ads when inactive to earn extra revenue.

National Standards

The 2010 Affordable Care Act requires calorie counts to be displayed.