Kiosk Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to contact kiosk support?

Call: 888-816-8348, option 2

Local calls:(216) 785-2622

FMS also offers the option of selecting Help > Contact Support and completing the online support form. The system will create a ticket so the first available agent can contact you.

2. How do I know my kiosk is ready to deploy?

You must have three components in place before your kiosk can be deployed:
     •The kiosk has been assigned products.
     •The credit card reader has been activated.
     •There is internet access available to your kiosk that does not block any critical ports or sites that are necessary for it to function.

3. What are the steps for assigning products to the kiosk?

All products, pricing, barcodes, and other information will be created within your VMS. Once we receive an operatorID/code/domain from you, we attach your VMS to our middleware, and from there, you can send catalogs/markets to your middleware/FMS, which will then attach them to your kiosks.

It is recommended that you watch our two videos on loading products if you use a non-VMS. If you do not have a VMS, you can find them here: Video 1 and Video 2.

4. How do I know if my credit card reader is activated?

If you use USConnect or MMR, your card reader should be pre-activated and ready to go. If you use USAT/Cantaloupe, you must work with USAT/Cantaloupe to set up your readers. VE support will assist you with the serial numbers, contacts, and emails you must send to set up your reader.

5. How do I know if my internet is ready?

The network requirements for VE Kiosk can be found in the quick start guide, or a copy can be obtained from our VE technical support team.
The kiosk must be connected to three to four endpoints, depending on the payment provider:
     •Our FMS site to receive inventory information.
     •The payment providers' credit site.
     •The loyalty website.
     •Teamviewer so that VE can provide remote support.
Some networks may block TeamViewer. Even if Teamviewer is blocked, the kiosk will continue to function. However, this limits the amount of remote support that VE can provide and requires more site visits on your part if we cannot resolve the issue remotely.
When you use a cellular network like Opt-Connect or WTI Wireless, you are on an open network, and the kiosk should simply plug and play.

6. Is there anything else I can do to enhance the functionality of my Ve kiosk?

Offline Mode

     In addition to having a strong internet signal, it is recommended that you review our kiosk offline agreement. It allows the kiosk to operate offline, but it has limitations, which is why we require you to sign it and agree to the terms. There is no additional charge for this feature.

Screen Cleaning

     We recommend using a moist towelette and immediately drying it with a paper towel rather than spraying chemicals for screen cleaning. Using this method will prevent chemicals from dripping down the screen.

Battery Backup

     If you intend to place your kiosk in a factory environment or an area susceptible to power outages, brownouts, etc., we recommend purchasing a battery backup. We recommend one that retains power for at least 10 minutes to prevent sudden power outages.

7. How do I access the kiosk menus?

These passwords are created by us and given to each customer individually, so you will need to contact to obtain them.

8. Are these passwords customizable?

Yes, but you will be responsible for remembering them once our customer care team has programmed them.

9. Would it be possible to integrate it with my USG feed?

Yes, we need your USG number and the date you'd like us to send sales information.

10. Do you offer Tiered Pricing?

Yes, tiered pricing must be programmed at the kiosk level. We offer both Discount (if someone uses their loyalty program) and Fee (if someone uses a credit card), but we recommend Discount as:
     •Fees aren't legal in all areas.
     •Fees aren't consumed by some or all VMS's which may cause your accounting to be inaccurate.
Please get in touch with to learn how to set up tiered pricing. We can remote into your kiosks (as long as they are online) and adjust the tiered pricing if you require assistance.

11. I misplaced my Kiosk manuals. Where can I find them?

You can find the kiosk manuals here.

Fleet Management System


Introduction to FMS - Take the tour

Equipment Page - Part 1

Equipment Page - Part 2

Reports In FMS

Ads - Setup

Temp Probes - Setup in FMS and Kiosk

Hot Buttons - Setup

Product uploads for Non-VMS:
Product Categories and Products

Product uploads for Non-VMS:Product Catalogs

Kiosk Registration

Kiosk Setup/Troubleshooting

Install a temperature probe in a VE Kiosk 2.0

Add A Cooler to the VE Kiosk 2.0

How to replace the screen on a VE Kiosk 2.0

Is there anything else we missed?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Call: 888-816-8348, option 2
Local calls: (216) 785-2622
You can also contact FMS support by selecting Help → Contact Support. This will generate a ticket in our system so the first available agent can reach you.