The UCB™

Universal Control Board stability and features that take your machine to today’s standards.

Why you should utilize the VE UCB?

Simplify your business by adding vend management connectivity. Manage and monitor vending machines remotely in real time. Enhance payment systems with new features such as credit cards, loyalty programs, Apple Pay, and more. You install it in the same fashion as you install motherboards and controllers on your vending machine. Modernize your equipment with touchscreens and upgrade it with future upgrades like remote pricing change capabilities, inventory tracking, and sales reporting.

Remote Price Updates

Save time and money with UCB enabled remote pricing updates.

Main/auxiliary option

Control up to 3 machines on one UCB board.


DUAL CASHLESS TECHNOLOGY, Pay in multiple environments simultaneously.
CASHLESS OPTIONS, Credit card, loyalty, Apple Pay™ and more.

VMS compatible

Vending management systems can be integrated with the UCB

Plug & Play

Installation is quick and easy with plug-and-play features.