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Experience the advantage of a smaller footprint using V3 Kiosk software. The M2 Kiosk is perfect for locations where cash is not a requirement. Elevate your business with cutting-edge features, delivering unparalleled performance and convenience.

Key Features:

10" Portrait Style Touchscreen: Immerse your customers in a seamless and intuitive experience with our responsive and resilient touchscreen kiosk, engineered with gorilla glass to prevent breakage.

Built-in Theft-Deterring Front-Facing Camera : With a front-facing camera, the M2 Kiosk offers cutting-edge theft prevention technology to ensure security and reduce micro-market shrinkage for non-barcode items (e.g., coffee, fruit, pastries).

Programmable Hot Buttons for Quick Sale Items: Streamline transactions with customizable hot buttons. Make quick-sale items more convenient and effective.

Easily Accessible Ethernet Port: With Ethernet ports easy to access, the M2 Kiosk facilitates seamless internet connectivity, ensuring smooth transactions with little to no downtime.

Loyalty Card Integration: Foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business by seamlessly integrating your loyalty programs with the M2 Kiosk.

Cash-Free Payment Options: Offer customers a convenient, secure, and hassle-free cashless experience with credit card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other touchless options.

Optional Temperature Sensors: Safeguard your inventory with temperature sensors for coolers or freezers. Our intelligent Item Lock-Out feature will deploy in unsafe temperatures, and products in affected units will be automatically unavailable for purchase, preserving quality and freshness.

Optional Mounting Bracket or Stand for Flexible Setup: Tailor your kiosk setup to your unique needs with optional mounting brackets or kiosk stand. Enjoy the flexibility of placing the M2 Kiosk exactly where it suits your business best.

Color Options Available: Available in grey or black.


Height 21.10 in

Width:8.25 in

Depth:7.06 in

Weight: 17 lbs.


Because the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always fit your business model, our adaptable kiosks seamlessly integrate with VMS, or POS software and allow you to choose your integration partners. Below are our current partners and growing!

Credit Processing: Heartland, & Nayax

Loyalty Integrations: MMR, Monyx, More, TouchNet/OneCard, & USConnect

VMS Integrations: Cantaloupe, Gimme, Par Level, Streamware, & Vendsys


24/7 US-based support: Count on our six-person US-based support team for best-in-class assistance 24/7. Experience peace of mind with our commitment to your success.

Bilingual Support Team: Effective communication is key. Benefit from our dedicated bilingual support team for clear and efficient troubleshooting.

Dedicated Field Team: Hands-on support tailored to your needs is available for large installations and troubleshooting.


Flexible Financing Options: We understand the importance of flexibility in financial considerations and offer tailored financing options to meet your business needs. To select the financing partner that best fits your needs, visit vesolutions.co/financing

VE Solutions Net Terms: To pay via standard Net terms, submit a credit application for approval by visiting vesolutions.co/financing.