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Coffee Vending Machines For Sale

Coffee is so much more than just ‘a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans.’ For many of us, coffee is the thing we look forward to every morning to help us wake our brain cells up and get both mind and body ready to take on the day. The aroma, taste, and sensation of the perfectly brewed cup of coffee made just the way we like it is unmatched in the world of everyday beverages. Since the advent of Starbucks, coffee shops have sprung up all over the country, in every city large or small, and in some places, it seems like there’s a coffee shop of some kind on almost every street corner.

What can you do if you’re craving a cup of your favorite morning beverage and there’s no time to make a coffee shop run? Easy – you take advantage of the convenience of a top quality coffee vending machine that puts that steaming cup of Joe in your hands instantly. If you’re looking for a dependable source for your purchase, Vendors Exchange has the coffeehouse quality coffee vending machine for you.

We have several coffee vending machines for sale, including the AP 213 Pronto Café, built to add new interest to your vending program and increase profits with every sale. The AP 213 is built tough with a high drink capacity, with coffee available in both freeze dried and fresh brew. With upscale European-type graphics and multiple gourmet coffee selections to please ever palate, the AP 213 will keep customers happy with two cup sizes for the casual coffee drinker or coffee enthusiast.

Do you need to supply coffee for a lot of people? The National 673 Hot Drink Center 2 was developed specifically to dispense hot beverages in large facilities. Features that increase flexibility for the consumer and profits for the owner include:

  • • Retail Presence - An attractive backlit display that complements the shadow box menu board.
  • • Larger Cup Sizes – Cup sizes from 5 to 20 ounces offer consumers a wide selection of sizes and encourages those who are willing to pay more for a larger drink.
  • • More Drink Selections – Offer consumers as many as 11 choices with two additional blended selections. Blending ratios can be adjusted from 15% to 85% to offer
      total taste profile flexibility.
  • • Drink Ready Light – This feature lets consumers know when their hot drink is ready.
  • • Filter Paper System - Provides a perfect balance between brew quality and ease of use.
  • • Dispense Nozzle & Mixing Bowl - Enhanced nozzle design prevents clogging, while the mixing bowls offer a superior wash pattern.
  • • Cup Canisters - Cup canisters tilt out to make loading easy.
  • • Floor Liner - Removable floor reduces cleaning maintenance by catching any spills.

Does your existing coffee vending machine need a facelift? A touch screen coffee vending machine will do the trick! Café CURVE by Vendors Exchange updates your existing coffee machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. The new Café CURVE door with an interactive touchscreen offers customers a wide range of choices of customizable drinks and cup sizes.Control recipes to ensure the best, most consistent drinks across all your machines. Add selections with an assortment of cup sizes, and up charge for additional flavors or condiments. Easy ordering with its 21.5” touchscreen enhancing the customer’s experience.

Features include:

  • • Gives customers the freedom to customize their drinks.
  • • Increase profit margins by increasing price and quality.
  • • Intuitive route driver screen ensures proper machine maintenance.
  • • Easy machine placement and ADA compliant. An ideal coffee machine solution for micro markets.

Looking to upgrade your office kitchen space with one of our touchscreen coffee vending machines? Contact us today for more information!