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Curve Panel

Modernize your touchscreen & payment systems.

Why Curve Panel?

With the location of the bucket and payment options, this machine meet is ADA capable. This machine is offered in 4 and 6 wide models. There is also a boxed panel available. Fully interactive 8” touchscreen Vend products with a digital keypad. Increase sales with a shopping cart experience. Combine with FMS software for ultimate customization.

ADA Capable

ADA capable payment systems accommodate a wider range of customers.

Integrated UCB

UCB technology is compatible with Vend Management Systems and can process cashless transactions.

Venture Touchscreen

Fully interactive 8” touchscreen.
Vend with a digital keypad.
Increase sales with a shopping cart.
Display nutritional information.

Energy Efficient LEDs

Motion-activated LED lights draw customers in and come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Custom Graphics

Our graphic designers can create stunning vending machine graphics customized for your brand.

Currently Available For: