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Want to gain new accounts with more variety? Try the VE Kiosk. Our micro-market system allows you to adapt your business to the growing micro-market trend. It is easily managed through your VMS (Vend Management System) and is set up just like a vending machine. This self-checkout portal is placed in a closed environment with additional coolers, freezers, and shelves.

Consumers walk up, scan their items, and purchase directly through the Kiosk. Shoppers will enjoy getting a fresh salad, sandwich and pair it with their favorite drink.

Features Include:

Managed through VMS Use your existing VMS system to manage the VE Kiosk. Currently, we are compatible with Cantaloupe™, Streamware™, VendSys™, and Gimme™ VMS platforms, with others in the works.
Large Touchscreen 15" Inch Display with a video screen to deter theft.
Temperature Sensors Add optional temperature sensors to your coolers or freezers and monitor them via email alerts if the temperature reaches unsafe levels.
Item Lock-Out If unsafe temperatures are reached in the machine, the items in that unit are no longer available for sale.
Build Loyalty Capitalize on the cashless revolution, with stored value cards. Using the USAT More Card System.
Shopping Cart Allows consumers to purchase multiple items in one transaction, increasing your ticket sales.

Options Include:

Temperature Sensor & Custom Header Graphic