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Automatic Products manufactured the 7600 Snackshop vending machine, which boasts a 5-wide tray selection with single spiral dispensing. It allows you to vend snacks, candy, pastries, or any other items that fit within the vending spiral. Shop Vendors Exchange today for your snack vending machine needs.

Features Include:

  • Cash Acceptance - allows customers to pay with cash and coin.
  • Large Glass Front - Increases sales by allowing consumers to see more choices and make easier selections.
  • Gum & Mint Dispensing System - Standard gum and mint selections on the bottom row. Customers have the option to add a VE 7th Tray, which fits items into the AP7600 that would normally go in a standard candy row.
  • Shelves - Accommodates 5-6 shelves depending on snack and candy configuration, and up to 65 selections

VE Doors:

The following upgrades are available to ensure your AP 7600 Snackshop vending machine includes the newest look and technology. These doors are all equipped with the UCB, Vendors Exchange exclusive control board that allows for remote price updates, touchscreen controls, and dual pricing capabilities. For more information on our doors, visit the DOORS section.

This machine is ADA capable with the addition of a door above and modifications to the vending machine.



AP 7000 SpecificationsHeightWeightDepthShipping Weight
OEM Machine72"39"35"760 lbs
With REVISION Door72"39"35"760 lbs
With CURVE Door72"39"37"760 lbs